Bo Droga’s art work is inspired by many things, usually by his immediate surrounding and the local material at hand. His artwork constantly changes depending on the type of materials and spaces that he encounters.

Sometime he plays with contrasting themes, using positive and negative effects, other times his work will be very subtle and integrated into the environment. Bo’s artwork is mostly site specific and is developed after much consideration of the space and environment in which his artwork will reside.

“The common thread within my artwork is the simplicity in form, and use of everyday material”

Bo’s work is spontaneous and simplistic to the eye, appearing naive like a child’s drawing; however the ideology and work process, the relation to space, to the form and the environment are actually very precise and articulated. The discourse in his work is much defined and Bo can take days, sometimes months to define the methodology of the work, before assembling the final art piece.

“I want to present the simple inner qualities and charisma of the everyday material and objects, and revaluate and reconstruct a new dialogue with the viewer.”

There is much fun and play in Bo’s artwork and he likes to share this simple enjoyment of creating a different prospective.


If you truly love Nature, you will find beauty everywhere.

~Vincent Van Gogh ~


My sculpture and site specific art works stems from my interest in “Urban Landscape” in particular the relationship between order and chaos in urban developments.  

Form and its opposite, space, constitute the primary elements of my work. The reciprocal relationship is essential too. Both form and space are given shape and scale in all my art work and site specific installations. In addition, the placement of my art work and the relationship to its immediate site and neighboring surroundings is another crucial aspect of this form/space relationship. Just as internal space is created by voids in form, exterior space can be defined or poorly defined by changing the shape, mass / size, scale, proportion, rhythm, articulation, texture, color, and light of form as well.

Movement  is a facet of my earlier work *”Synaesthesia” . Movement has been conceived by my love of music, dance and performance. My art work is  created by my interpretation of what I have experienced visually, aurally  or physically through either music, dance and or performance. 
This series of installations continues on from my interest in the phenomena of *”Synaesthesia” and its correlation to sound forms and color. We are born with the ability to experience symptoms of synaesthesia. Throughout my work I seek to challenge my perceptions and re- assess the relationship between forms and aural suggestions; therefore trying to induce the sense that can hear color, smell sound or even see music. This particular work uses the installation of Violins.
Note: Synaesthesia refers to a natural mental phenomenon that one experiences when the reaction to one sense directly transfers on to another one as one might “hear color” and conversely “see sound”
The art work “Mirror, Mirror“is about lost values and changing traditions.  The piece itself consists of a unique arrangement of rare, antique hand held mirrors, that I have individually sought and collected over the years with this installation in mind; each mirror is incredibly precious and beautiful, mostly silver based and hand crafted, all dating back 19th, early 20th centuries. Hours of work and efforts have gone into finding just the right mirror, for the right effect and then finally assembling each mirror together to create this one off installation. The overall effect is very subtle though very striking.
 Concrete Landscape is a site specific art work that utilizes unattractive, dysfunctional public spaces and structures. Transforming them into a visually fun and thought provoking installation that celebrates creativity through a simple method of “trompe l’oeil”.