Bo Droga exhibitions. Bo Droga has exhibited in global exhibitions including Olsen Gruin NYC, Galerie Courcelles Art Contemporain Paris France, Brody House Budapest Hungry, Budapest International Art Fair


Current exhibition: Bo Droga, ‘Urban Landscapes: A Road to Nowhere’ showing at OLSEN GRUIN NY, Nov 28 - Jan 13, 2019 


2019 Miami Dominoes, Public Art Work , Miami, USA
2019 Commenoz Gallery, Miami, USA
2019 Australian Consulate , New York USA
2018 Olsen Gruin Gallery, New York, USA
2016 Galerie Courcelles Art Contemporain, Paris France
2015 Galerie Courcelles Art Contemporain, Paris France
2014 Brody House, Budapest Hungry
2013 Budapest International Art Fair, Hungary 
2013 Brody House, Budapest Hungary
2003 'Peterborough Arts' , Peterborough Museum, UK
2003 'Hear Colour', Saatchi & Saatchi, London, UK 
2003 DeLux Gallery, London, UK 
2003 'Show case', Selfridges Department Store, London, UK 
2003 'Wish you were here' PALP, St Ives, Cornwall, UK
2003 'Art Technology', Islington Museum, London, UK
2003 'Digi-Monde', Orleans Gallery, London, UK
2002 'Landscapes', Saatchi & Saatchi, London, UK
2002 'Beauty is where you find it', Britart, London, UK
2002 'Open Circle', Circle Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland
2002 Surface Gallery, Nottingham, England 
2002 'A6' The Lewisham Art House Gallery, London, UK 
2001 ‘Fiji National Exhibition’, Fiji Arts, Suva, Fiji 
2000 ‘Fiji Arts Exhibition 2000’,Fiji Art Gallery, Suva, Fiji
1999 ‘Limitation of Senses’, Bulle Gallery, Flinders St, Australia 
1998 ‘The World’‘The Bridge’ Project, Australia 
1998 ‘Little Black Number, First Floor Gallery, Australia 
1998 ‘Faux Shaux’, Revolver, Melbourne, Australia 
1998 ‘The White Elephant Sale’, Grey Space, Melbourne, Australia
1998 ‘Synaesthesia’, RMIT City Library, Australia 
1997 ‘Shoe Shuffle’, Central Station, Melbourne, Australia 
1997 ‘Stepping Out’, State Library, Melbourne, Australia 
1997 ‘Stepping Out II’, Howie Place, Melbourne, Australia




Olsen Gruin is pleased to announce Urban Landscapes: A Road to Nowhere, a solo exhibition featuring 14 geometric, sculptural cityscapes by Bo Droga. This series of abstract three-dimensional compositions is composed of wood, particleboard, fiberboard, and acrylic on PVC plastic.

Bo Droga’s artwork stems from his strong interest in urban landscapes and how order and chaos converge in city developments. His new series Urban Landscapes: A Road to Nowhere originates from the experience of sitting in an airplane looking down over a city or dense urban development. From this perspective, individual buildings are barely recognizable as such. Instead they look like simple abstract forms and shapes for a brief moment in time before they become discernible as you descend closer to the city. This fleeting moment is what Droga articulates through three-dimensional abstraction. 

Droga utilizes forms and their opposites, as well as space, as the primary elements in his work. The reciprocal relationship is critical. Both form and space are given shape and scale across all of his artwork. In addition, the placement of Droga’s artwork and how it relates to its immediate surroundings is another crucial aspect of this form/space relationship, connecting his oeuvre with the tradition of minimalism. Just as internal space is created by voids in form, exterior space can be defined by changing the shape, mass, size, scale, proportion, rhythm, articulation, texture, color, and light. 

Press release courtesy of Olsen Gruin NYC, 2018

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